A grain of yeast

Jesus taught them this parable: “How can I describe God’s kingdom realm? Let me illustrate it this way. It is like the smallest of seeds that you would plant in a garden. And when it grows, it becomes a huge tree, with so many spreading branches that various birds make nests there.”

 Jesus taught them another parable: “How can I describe God’s kingdom realm? Let me give you this illustration: It is like something as small as yeast that a woman kneads into a large amount of dough. It works unseen until it permeates the entire batch and rises high.”

-Luke 13:18-21

    The way Jesus described God’s Kingdom realm is topsy-turvy from the way we view things. We think the bigger the better; the grander the more impactful.

     The world heavyweight championship boxer, the Olympics, the tallest skyscrapers; those are the things that get our attention. The superstars of our day are the big names on the silver screen and in the sports arenas. Even in the Christian world we tend to think that way. The bigger the name, the more packed the house.

     Jesus taught something different. According to Him, it’s the smallest of seeds and something as small as yeast that God can cause to have the greatest impact in His Kingdom. We’ve gotten it backward. God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.

     I struggle with this worldly thinking myself. I pray for some impactful ministry where I can do great things for God’s Kingdom.

                                             God replies: “I want you to pray”

                                             Me: “Sure God, I’ll pray, while I wait for that impactful ministry where I can do great things for Your Kingdom.”

                                             God: “Okay, I want you to pray.” 

                                             Me: “Oh, I know, I will, you can count on me.”

     And then I read Luke 13. I never considered prayer to be a big or impactful ministry where I can do great things for God’s Kingdom! It was too small, too private, too much of little, insignificant me just talking to God.

     When I read Jesus’ description of the kingdom realm it finally dawned on me that I’ve been looking through worldly eyes and not seeing with eyes that see. My prayers are mustard seeds and small amounts of yeast. I might never get to see the huge tree with the spreading branches that the birds make their nests in but this small, private, unnoticed thing that I am doing has the most powerful, dough-permeating, branch-spreading impact of all in the Kingdom of God.

        I am honored to be asked to be do something so small for My King!


2 thoughts on “A grain of yeast

  1. I used to think that, too! “Well, I can’t do anything but at least I can pray.” … as if praying is some small insignificant thing that I can do, since I can’t DO anything. I’ve grown to realize that prayer is our most powerful weapon. AMEN to your post, Rita!

  2. There’s so much peace (and relief!) in realizing that the biggest thing you can do is just the precise, specific, inevitably small thing God designed you to do.

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