I am the Woman at the Well

John 4

     I read the story of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well in the middle of the day. The story is that she went to the well to get water at noon because that was when none of the other women would be there getting water, and she didn’t want to have to endure the shame that she felt when she was around the other “perfect” women. This woman had a past that she was ashamed of and she protected herself from that past by erecting barriers around herself, keeping others out.

     I have a past that causes me shame and I know how my sister from Samaria felt. If anyone brings up my 20’s I am quick to lean down, unclick the hinges and pull up the walls that surround me to prevent exposure of those shameful parts of my life. I’ve been where that woman’s been. I’ve felt uncomfortable being around the other women who (in my mind) have led exemplary, perfect lives and who have never made mistakes or bad choices. I’ve put on a good pretense of being one of them, when in reality I’ve just been going out of my way to avoid having to face things I’m ashamed of, just like my sister at the well.

     That woman and I have something else in common. Jesus has met us both in those hiding places.

As He did her, He told me to go get my pretenses and bring them to him.  He told me that He knows everything I did. But then, Jesus looked me in the face and He told me that what He thinks about me is what matters about me. What He sees when He looks at me is a reflection of his glory. He loves me just as I am. I am a child of the Most High God and I am loved by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a new creation and I am not that broken young woman who was searching desperately for something to make her feel worthy. He sees me as worthy! I am so worthy to Him that He died for me.

     Like that woman, Jesus said to me, “If you only knew who I am and the gift that God wants to give you—you’d ask me for a drink, and I would give to you living water.” Now, I’m drinking that living water! I’m not just drinking it, I’m splashing around and swimming in it. And like that woman, I have been set free to run and jump and say to everyone,

“Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did! Can this be the Christ?”

     Jesus is that thing you are desperate for. He wants to take away your shame. He wants to be your living water and satisfy that thirst you’ve been searching everywhere for something to quench. Let Him quench your thirst! He gave his life to do it.

3 thoughts on “I am the Woman at the Well

  1. This is so beautiful. My guess is that the vast majority of us feel the same way about ourselves. We know the mistakes we’ve made, and it is such a relief to here from our perfect creator that he receives us and cleanses us, and we keep only the wisdom and humility that we’ve gained as we move forward in his grace.

    1. That is a great way to look at it. Unfortunately, shame is a powerful tool that the enemy uses to keep us from knowing how loved we are by God.

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