Your will be Done

your will be done -Matthew 6:10

     When I get up every morning, I pray the Lord’s prayer. The fourth line of this prayer, which the Son of God taught His followers to pray, is a request that God’s will would be done. Every day I am asking God for His will to be done. But, do I really, truly want that?

     I was thinking about God’s will the other day. In ten different places throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament, God says that His will is that I would love my neighbor as I love myself. I can tell you I do not love my neighbor as I love myself. I hardly ever think about my neighbor, but I think a lot about myself. I never make sure my neighbor has enough food, money, or any other necessities but, the minute I run out of food, money, or other necessities I go out to get what I need. I do what I can to make myself comfortable, safe, and as satisfied as possible but, I never ask my neighbor how she is doing and if she needs anything for her comfort, safety, or satisfaction. So, I’ve concluded that I don’t really love my neighbor as I love myself.

     God’s will is that I would pray without ceasing, take care of widows and orphans, go out into all the nations and make disciples, even submit to my husband. I’m not really doing any of those things either.

     Do I really want God’s will to be done? Hmmm.

     Too often when I read the Bible I do just that; read. What I am thinking about is this; when is the last time I read the Bible like it was really true. When is the last time I took what God is saying in the Bible seriously and actually did what He tells me to do?

     I do believe in God and I believe that His Word is true. So, I think I might need to slow down my reading and maybe read one or two Scripture passages at a time and really think about them. I might have to spend some time praying about God changing my heart in those ways that I read about. I might have to put the things I’m reading into practice for a day or two.

     Like many others, I start off each year with a Through the Bible in a Year plan. It’s great to read through the Bible, even every year. It really is a fascinating story. But, the goal isn’t to just read it and get through it. It’s God speaking to us and telling us what His will is for us. I’m thinking maybe we need to slow down and take our time and listen.

     I will still read through the Bible but I think I’m going to include a small section to read in addition, to take seriously, pray about, and put into practice.

     Who knows, maybe loving my neighbor will turn out to be a surprisingly amazing experience. One thing I do know is that God’s will would be done.

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